Golf – Equipment

In this chapter, we will discuss the equipment required to play the game of golf. But, let us first start with the playing environment of golf.

Playing environment

Golf is played in big fields with trimmed grass ground. The playing areas need to be maintained under super surveillance and care every time failing to which can cause water pollution, spilling of pesticides and destructions of the nearby vegetation.

Choose the golf field and make it in such a manner that nearby ecosystem will not be disturbed. Proper drainage system for the waste water should be there and if possible implement water reuse facility in the field. For the protection of the surface water, high quality buffer zones are usually created.

There are certain non-play areas on the field. At those places, vegetation can be continued aiding to the agricultural balance. For the filling of the golf field VENM (Virgin Excavated Natural Materials) are used. Generally, golf course fields are constructed in those areas which are previously deserted.

Let us now take a look at the equipment used in golf.


The main equipment of this game is the ball. It is made up of beech which is generally a hardwood material. The golf ball should have a minimum diameter of 42.67 metre and weight should not exceed 45.93 gm.

Golf Clubs

The clubs can be made of as woods, irons and putters. A single player can carry only 14 clubs. Now-a-days, a new type of club called Hybrid clubis used which is a combination of wood and iron.

Ball Markers

Certain circumstances may occur in which there may be the need to change the position of ball. At this point we use ball markers. This is generally a round piece of metal or plastic.

Golf Bag

This is a nylon or leather bag that is used to transport the clubs. They have sections inside to separate each club. They have various category such as Sunday bag, cart bag, staff bags etc.

Golf Cart

This is a vehicle that is used to transport the players from one place to another place in the course. Unlike other petrol vehicles, these are battery or electric vehicles. Some governing bodies have restricted certain usage limits upon these vehicles.


Towels are used by the players to wipe the balls and hands. They are attached to the bag with the help of grommet.


Club Heads

Clubs heads are nothing but wood or leather materials that are used to cover the head of the clubs so that they will not collide with each other while being together and will protect them from any accidental damage.


Most of the golf players used gloves while playing. This helps in having a strong hold of the club grip and prevents blistering. Players wear the gloves generally on the dominant hand.