Canoeing Vs. Rowing Vs. Dragon Boating

Difference between Canoeing and Rowing

Both Rowing and Canoeing appear to be similar, but they are unique in several ways. Here is a list of points that differentiate these two sports.

  • Rowing has two variants, sculling and sweeping. In sculling, the players use two oars that are attached on both sides of the boat. In sweeping, only one oar is attached.

  • In canoeing the paddles with single blade are used to propel the boat. The paddles are not attached to the canoe.

  • In rowing, the players have to propel the boat in backward direction whereas in canoeing the players paddle the boat in the direction in which they are sitting.

  • The oars of rowing boat are larger than that of canoeing paddle.

  • In rowing, the distance to be covered is larger than that of canoeing.

  • Rowing is played only on flat water, whereas canoeing is played on flat water as well as white water.

Rowing Competition

Difference between Canoeing and Dragon Boating

Canoeing can also be compared with Dragon Boating, as both of them are played on water using a boat.

  • In Canoeing, the boat or canoe is pointed on both sides whereas in dragon boating, one end has the face of a dragon.

  • Canoeing can be played individually or with a few partners, whereas dragon boating is a team game only.

The boats used in Canoeing are shorter in comparison to dragon boating.

Dragon Boating Competition