BMX Tutorial

BMX stands for bicycle motocross. It is a cycle sport where the players race with each other using BMX bikes. BMX includes BMX racing and freestyle BMX. The race takes place mostly in motocross tracks which are made of various jumps and rollers. This sport has got hard-core eye-catching stunts and sheer extremeness to competitive thrill and so it is thoroughly engaging from beginning to the end, which is the main reason behind the soaring popularity of this sport.


BMX commands a huge fan-base, as it involves racing and stunts which attracts a lot of audience. This tutorial provides helpful information about BMX racing to those enthusiasts who are looking to participate in sports involving adventure as well extremeness.


Before starting to perform, certain attributes like perfect balance over the BMX bike, physical strength and quickness is very much required. Good level of core and lower body strength is also required for players in order to ride the bike while performing the jumps.

As it is typically a bike sprint, players need to be perfect on their jumps as well landings as the game requires incredible level of power, athleticism and endurance. Sprinting activities can be helpful for gaining speed and agility.