Biathlon – Equipment

Biathlon is a sport in which skiing and shooting is done in order to win the race. As the game is played on ice so accordingly equipment are needed by the players for playing and providing safety.

Racing Suit

Biathletes need racing suits which should be skin tight for easy movement of the player and also to cut down wind. The suit also has a base layer for insulation.


Biathletes need gloves in order to cover their wrist and saving them from getting cold. The gloves shall be made up of lightweight material.


Biathletes need hat made up of lightweight materials in order to cover their head.



Biathletes need goggles in order to save the eyes from glaring sunlight and reflecting snow.


The ski used by the participants must be stiff and short as it will help them for freestyle skiing. Special glide wax is also applied on the skis.


As biathlon is racing and shooting game so besides skis the participants also have to carry a rifle in a harness. The bullets must be of 0.22 caliber which are stored in the magazine. In case of relay three more rounds are stored.


Metallic discs are put in a small box and are used as targets. If the shooting is successful then a different colored disc is visible to show that shooting is successful. Nowadays computer are also being used to check if the shooting is successful or a miss.