Archery – Precautions

Most people have a misconception that because they aren’t firearms, bows can be carelessly handled. But like guns, arrows can also be misused and can cause serious damage to the archer himself or people around him. Odds are that most people who are regular users of the bow have been slapped by their bowstring at least a few times, but there are much worse things that have happened.

Some of the potentially lethal mistakes and do-not are listed below −

  • The torque in the bow tends to break the string. The string should be in alignment with cams and any twist in the positions can break the string, causing a slap over the wrist and arm. Be careful while stretching the bowstring.

  • Be sure the arrows are flexed before they are used. The carbon arrows, especially the new ones should be flexed because the damaged arrows have a greater chance of breaking when they are shot. This may send splinters into the shooters face causing injuries. Some broken arrows may get into the hands and pierce through the skin.

  • Improper hold over the release may result in some bruises, so the archers need to make sure that they hold the bow correctly. Also, the draw-length should be maintained with proper calculations, depending upon the string material, the material used for the arrows, etc. and torque on the bow and string.

  • Never shoot straight up. It is an obvious observation that should never be ignored. Remember, everything that goes up should come down. And if an arrow is launched straight upward, it may result in hitting you before you run away from the initial position.

  • Never dry-fire a bow. Stretching and releasing a bow string without an arrow is one of the worst kinds of act to be performed while holding a string. Not only it damages the string, but also, it may hurt you at places where the bowstring generally doesn’t hurt. So be careful and try not to be foolish.

Knowing the target and the environment around it helps you to prevent hurting others. Check the surroundings; especially, what is present behind the target. Safeguarding helps not only yourself, but also people around you.