Table Tennis – Types of Spins

Spin plays a very important part in table tennis. The effect of spin can change the entire game. We will discuss the different types of spins that we get to see in Table Tennis.

Backspin − This spin is used usually to keep the ball low and in the game. This spin is hard to return and hence, is used a lot while serving. The ball rotates away from the player and so it is hard to hit the ball. To return backspin, smash can be used but it should be very close to the net and with full energy.

Topspin − The trajectory of the ball is perpendicular to the axis of the spin. The ball dips downwards before bouncing and approaching the opposing side. To return this spin, the player needs to adjust the angle of their racquet. This is not as fast as the backspin but is used predominantly to give the opponent less chance to respond.

Types of Spins

Sidespin − It is used much while service, as the trajectory of the ball is vertical. Sidespin doesn’t have much effect on the bounce of the ball. This stroke is referred to as a hook.

Corkspin − This spin is referred to as drill-spin. The trajectory of the ball is more or less parallel to axis of spin. This spin is not as effective as the ones mentioned above and can be returned with backspin or smash. To make corkspin more effective, it is usually combined with one or more varieties of spins.