Speed Skating – Rules

Races occur in counter-clock wise direction on a 400-meter oval. Generally, two skaters are allowed to run at a time. For every lap, skaters must change their lanes.

The right-of-way is followed by the skater who changes the lane from outside to inside. False starts, impending and inside cutting the track can disqualify a competitor. If the race is missed or the racer falls, they have the option of racing the distance again. Only time is taken into consideration for comparisons. There are no heats or finals in the sport.

Counter Clock

It is not a surprising fact that accidents occur in every sport but the impact varies. During skating, collisions occur and may sometimes result in disasters. But, a pre-planned collision is taken for disqualification and the player knocked down is sent for the next level. For lowering the effect, safety precautions are taken.

  • False start is taken as foul but there is only chance before getting disqualified.

  • The skaters should not change the positions while reaching the finish line.

  • Before calling for a relay player, each skater should finish at least one lap in the race.

  • If the player slips and falls down, the fourth player comes into play or the player is allowed to start the race again from the same point where he has fallen.

  • After three skaters cross the finish line, the fourth player is not to be counted for the race.

  • Players can be disqualified for blocking, pushing, forcing other racers out from their position, using legs, hands or arms to impede the progress of their competitors.