Scootering – Rules

For safety of a player, he has to practice as much as possible because practice makes a man perfect. There is no other option than practice. One of the biggest mistakes players may think that they can instantly do things without any practice. This thinking comes in the mind of the experienced players because they have the experience and they know how to play the game.

Rules for Newcomers

Scootering just for the sake of fun can lead to serious injuries. Newcomers should acquire sufficient knowledge before handling a scooter. They should first go to some local skate park to try out the tricks and experiment with other new ones. It is highly recommended that you wear a strong helmet because accidents are not uncommon in scootering.


Rules When a Player Falls

If you fall, then make sure that you will spread out your body and roll on the field so that you aren’t hurt badly. If you get hurt, then arrange some first aid. It is safe to keep it inside your sports bag. The most important thing is make sure that you have good wheels without flat spots.

Rules for Wet Ground

A big advice to all the players is that they should never ride on the ground which is wet because the rider’s wheels may get too slippery, and his brakes may not work at the right moment. Many players have fallen on grounds which are wet.

Maximum of the scooter riders do not strictly play in street or park. However, a survey has shown that players find park riding more enjoyable than street riding. The reason behind this is street riding is more dangerous than park because of challenging obstacles like traffic.

Rules for Protecting Head and Feet

One should wear a helmet and put a pair of shoes as these are the foremost safety guideline in modern day scootering. By wearing a helmet, the rider can save his head if accident occurs. Shoes are important because all the kicks are made by the foot so if there will be no shoes on the foot it may get hurt and one cannot advance in the competition with full potential.