Rally – Championships

Championship for Drivers and Co-Drivers

For classification purpose total numbers of rallies are taken into considerations. At the end of the sessions, the drivers and co drivers having highest number of points are declared as Worlds Rally Champion Driver or Co-driver.


Championship for Manufacturers

A manufacturer is allowed to take part in the competition. The rules for the manufacturers are same as that for drivers and co-drivers participating in World Rally Championships.

All results will get noticed during the final classification of the sport. Among all the manufacturers, the one having highest number of points at the yearend will be declared as the World rally champion manufacturer.

Participation of Manufacturer

  • According to regulations, points will be awarded to the manufacturer. Depending upon their positions, only two drivers (Nominated) will score points for the manufacturer.

  • During the time of the registration, they are bound to give the name of the competitors. Manufacturer of the car must be included in this.

  • Before the closing dates, they have to mention the name of the score point entering driver’s name. For at least 10 championships, one driver must be nominated.

  • On failing to attend the championships, one must pay the fine and the entry fee to each organizer.

Participation of Manufacturer

Participation of WRC Team

  • Must participate in seven nominated rallies

  • Just before closing of the fifth rally, a team who wants to score points can register. The registration form will be available at FIA all the time.

  • Those who wish to score points can do so provided those rallies should be nominated at the time of registration.

  • Must pay the exact fees for number of cars to collect the manufacturer’s points and that fee is in no way connected with the number of rallies one participated.

  • Must provide the name of the manufacturers and it should be same for both the cars entering into the tournaments.

Participation of WRC

Support Championship

Just before the closing date of entries of first rally, teams and competitors must register with FIA to be eligible to score points. The registration for each championship is fixed and is made in the name of driver or team name. Those who are participating in WRC 2 and/or WRC 3 are not allowed with more than two cars. The car that is best placed is taken into the consideration.

Support Championship

Those who are participating in WRC 2 and/or WRC 3 and want to score points must entry in individual rallies using the Support Championship standard entry form. This form must be sent to the organizer and FIA.

Rally − Scoring

From the general list of classification eligible (for scoring points), the name of team drivers and co-drivers will be chosen for awarding points. Points that are earned in Support Championships are always named on behalf of team, driver or co-driver.

Titles of WRC 2 championships are awarded to respective team, drivers and co-drivers who have scored highest points in six out of seven rallies.

Drivers of Group N cars who are eligible in class RC2 entered in WRC 2 get their list drawn from general classification. As per the similar scale of championship, points will be awarded for FIA production car. In the result, the highest point gainer driver and codriver will be the winners.