Pool – Rules

The rules of the pool are governed by WPA (World Pool Billiard Association). Only basic knowledge is not going to help you much in Pool Billiard, until you know the following important rules −

  • The table on which game is played will be covered with cloth and it will be surrounded by cushion boundary.

  • Lag is known as the first shot of the match. The winner of this will be the deciding authority about who will hit first.

  • A lag shot is not good, if the ball of the shooter

    • touches the side of the cushion

    • passes the long string

    • makes contact with the side of the cushion

  • During the course of the match, a player can switch the cue stick as per his wish.

  • To improve the hand function, one is allowed to use the gloves.

Improve Hand Function

  • With the suggestion of referee, one can use powder.

  • To make a perfect shot, one can take the help of a mechanical bridge to support the cue stick.

  • To save the tip of the cue, one is allowed to use chalks.

  • While placing the balls back on the table, one can always take the help of long strings.

  • If the player has cue ball in his hand, he is allowed to place it anywhere on the surface.

  • In case of call shots, the shooter has to tell the ball and indicate the pocket well in advance.

  • When the balls are misplaced, it is the referee who will place the ball in their right places.