Pole Vault – Rules

Knowing the playing technology is of no use unless you are well aware with the playing rules. The rules of this sport are made and governed by IAAF (International Association for Athletic Federation). Now let’s learn about some important common rules.


General Rules

  • On the scoring form, it is mandatory to mention the weight of the athlete next to his name.

  • At any particular height, maximum three trials are allowed.

  • After three consecutive failures in trial, the athlete is automatically removed from the tournament.

  • After taking the first attempt, it is advised to take second and third consecutive attempts at the same height.

Trial Time Limitation Rules

Trial time limitation rules are as follows −

  • An athlete has to perform within two minutes of calling his name.

  • In case three competitors are there, a window gap of four minutes is allowed and in case one is remaining, a max of six minutes of window gap can be allocated to perform.

In case there is a tie between two persons for a same height, then the athlete having less number of attempts is declared as winner.

Rules regarding Competitions

  • No artificial weights or aid are allowed to be used in the competition.

  • Using shoes that can give unfair advantage to an athlete is strictly prohibited.

  • Unless there is a wound, no tapping is allowed on any part of the fingers. However, tapping at the wrist is allowed.

  • Without the permission, no athlete is allowed to use the pole of any other competitor.

  • Planting box must be checked properly to make sure that it is free from any foreign substance.

Rules regarding Foul

A foul in Pole Vault is caused due to any of the following reasons −

  • Displacing the crossbar from its original position with the help of pole or athlete’s body.

  • Failing to cross the crossbar after being lifted up from the ground.

  • Without clearing the bar, touching any part of ground or landing part with either body or pole.

  • Incorrect upright position during the clearance of crossbar.

  • Displace the crossbar by connecting an upright after the clearance.