Mountain Biking – Downhill Biking

This is the most famous type of mountain biking which involves racing on steep and rough terrain. Here the rider mostly travels through a descending sloppy terrain. Because of the extremely steeply terrains, downhill biking is considered as the most extreme and dangerous biking type and body protecting pads as well as guards are heavily recommended for this biking.

Downhill bikes are heavier and stronger compared to other mountain bikes mostly weighing around 15 to 20 kg and are made of Carbon Fibres with dual suspensions and large disc brakes. Riders have to select their path by compromising either on the shortest route or the fastest route.

Downhill Biking

The whole track was defined by tape line and if a rider crosses the tape, they must return to the course at the point of exit. If that rider doesn’t gain any time advantage by crossing the tape, he can continue the race. Competition is such fierce in this race that winning margins are often less than a second.


In the Enduro format of Mountain Biking, there are both timed downhill section and timed uphill section. The racer who takes the lowest combined time of Downhill and Uphill results to be the winner. This race format can go from 1-2 days to week long competitions.


As per endure World Series 2015 Rule book, minimum of four stages are required per event and at least three different courses must be used. Few places in the world take the word Enduro as a contraction of endurance.