Mixed Martial Arts – Championships

There are hundreds of MMA promotions around the world that organize MMA events. Other than UFC, some other major MMA promotions are −

  • Bellator MMA
  • ONE Championship
  • World Series of Fighting
  • Invicta FC (All female MMA)

International MMA Federation

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) was founded on February 29, 2012, to bring international development, support and structure for MMA across the world.

The IMMAF was launched with the support of the UFC. IMMAF is a non-profit and democratic federation to ensure that MMA gets the same recognition as all the other popular sports.

At present, there are 39 members in IMMAF from 38 countries −

Austria Greece Pakistan
Belgium Iceland Paraguay
Brazil India Poland
Bulgaria Ireland Portugal
Cameroon Italy Romania
Canada Jordan Seychelles
Czech Republic Lebanon South Africa
Denmark Lithuania Sweden
El Salvador Malaysia Switzerland
Estonia Nepal Tajikistan
Finland Netherlands Ukraine
France New Zealand United Kingdom
Germany Norway USA

The federation held its first Amateur World Championships from June 30th to July 6th, 2014, in Las Vegas, USA.

World Mixed Martial Arts Association

The World Mixed Martial Arts Association (WMMAA) was established in 2012 in Monaco. The WMMAA has 43 members under it −

Afghanistan Greece Senegal
Albania India Serbia
Armenia Iran Slovakia
Austria Italy South Korea
Azerbaijan Kazakhstan Spain
Belarus Latvia Switzerland
Belgium Lithuania Tajikistan
Bulgaria Macedonia Trinidad & Tobago
Canada Moldova Turkey
Croatia Mongolia Ukraine
Colombia Netherlands Uzbekistan
Czech Republic Poland Venezuela
France Portugal Monaco
Guatemala Romania
Georgia Russia

The first world MMA Championship was held on October 20th 2013 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

WMMAA Pan-American Division

The World MMA Council merged with the WMMAA on July 4th of 2014. The first even Pan-American Division for the World MMA Association was established under the leadership of business magnate Tomas Yu, during the 2014 WMMAA Congress which was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands.