IndyCar – Equipment

In this chapter, we will discuss about the equipment used by the riders of the car.

Nomex − It is manmade fiber which is high temperature resistant. It won’t allow combustion in air and will never melt due to flames. When they are exposed to heat, it carbonizes and becomes thicker to assure a safe layer between heat source and skin.

Helmet − It was precisely designed for automobile racing. It is round in shape, made of carbon fibre, kevtar or fibre glass shell which is aligned with energy sucking foam and nomex padding.

Headsock − It is also referred as balaclava. It is made of nomex and worn before wearing helmet.


Gloves − They are made of nomex and leather to protect the rider’s hand and ensure proper grip.

Firearm Suit − It is a one-piece uniform which is fire resistant. It should have the ability to assure exposure to direct flame and heat before the driver suffers from second degree burns.

Driving Shoes − It should have a layer of leather or suede from outside and a layer of nomex from inside. Drivers should also wear fire proof socks.