Football – Equipment

Football involves a lot of running around the field with the ball. The players also don’t require sporting much gear to play the game. Cleat shoes, socks, shin protector, and head gear are some of the equipments used by players. In this section, we will learn about these equipments in detail.

Cleats or turfs − A very important gear for every football player. These are specially designed shoes with spikes on the bottom that provide great traction on grass.

Cleats or turfs

Socks − The socks made for Football are very long and they are meant to cover the shin-guards.


Shin Guards − These are used to protect the player’s shin. While playing football, opponent players try to injure players by kicking in the shin area. It could be an intentional or unintentional act by the player. Hence, shin guards are a protective equipment.

Shin Guards

Soccer Ball − This the main equipment of the game and the total game revolves around this. A Football is made of vulcanized rubber with plastic bladders and covered by plastic covers.

Soccer Ball