Dragon Boating – Rules and Regulations

All the rules and regulations of dragon boating is governed by International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF). However, each country has its own governing body too who acts under IDBF. For example, the governing body for US is USDBF (United States Dragon Boat Federation). With slightest difference most of the governing bodies have some common rules. Let’s know about some common rules and regulations.

Fees and waivers

This is one of the most important in every dragon boat race because this money is used to protect the people playing this sport. In addition, this money is used for their insurance purpose too. Every participating person needs to sign a legal paper that they are playing this sport with their will. Fees generally vary from few hundred dollars to thousand dollars per event.


The marshalling area is nearby the dock and a marshalling officer is present over there each time. Only the team members who are going to play the sport and their corresponding team manager are allowed in the marshalling area. Counting of all the crew members is done at this place.



Boats are selected by the board members previously and the crew members need to use the boat provided to them. Before leaving the dock, any defects in the boat should be notified to the officials. Position of drums and steering should be checked properly. Boats are weighed in advance to make sure that it is in accordance with the prescribed level.


While paddling out to the race course, try to maintain sufficient distance from the race course. In case another race is going on at the same time, wait for the other race to complete. It is not a good sportsman spirit to comment on other boat members while passing by them. In the eye of IDBF law, commenting on other crew members is not tolerable.