Darts – Performance Tips

Knowing the rules and regulations is not going to help to win every match. To have a cutting edge over others you should do the things differently rather doing different things. Often the tips of the senior players come handy while playing in a match. Let’s discuss some of them.


Hitting with right consistency is certainly going to award you with the level of confidence more than others. Before throwing, position your feet properly with elbow pointing towards your target and keep the dart always pointing towards up not down.


Some suggests building a muscle memory approach. This means hitting the same target always keeping in mind that the hitting of 2nd dart is going to follow the 1st dart.

Choice of Right Dart

Right Dart

Many varieties of darts are available in the market. For example one can get a dart made up of either wooden or silver or nickel etc. but tungsten darts are more popular for their small barrels and high resistance to wear and tear.

The general range of weight of the darts lays in between 12 gm to 50 gm. Everyone’s comfortable zone is not same. So it is a general piece of advice to visit a local shop and try out every possible darts of different weights till you become sure about the weight factor.

Memorize Your Outnumbers

Remembering the dart sequence is the most difficult thing that most of the players struggle about.

So the solution is always try to subtract a ton which is otherwise known as 100 from your out-number and check whether the left number is one dart out that you like.

This method is often helpful and is used by many to remember their out numbers. So try it while practicing.