Cycling – Playing Environment

Road Bicycle Races

Road races are usually held on open roads where the race begins from the start line of the road course and ends at finish line of the course already marked by the vehicular marshals. The open roads cycling route is predetermined or based on the distance of the race the laps are fixed. These road races are either stand-alone or can be a part of a cycling league where the competitions are held in series.

Road Bicycle Races

Closed Road Circuit Races

This is a variant of the road bicycle races on a traffic-free paved road built ideally for cycling challenges or other motor racing competitions. These closed road circuits have shorter distances but accompanied by more obstacles for the cycling race. The riders are tested on their cycling skills such as accelerating, slowing down, braking, and cornering.

Track Cycling

This bicycle race is held on specifically built velodromes which are oval shaped and have two 180 degrees curved bends connected to the straight ends. The indoor velodromes are wooden surfaced banked tracks. Track cycling as an indoor sport is held all-round the year irrespective of the weather conditions. This sport has entered Olympics at the very beginning and has been a part of almost every summer Olympic event. Track cycling racing events are usually held in sprint races where the riders need to complete 8 to 10 laps with less distance compared to the road races and is competed as individuals or as in teams.

Time Trailing

As a very early emerging sport, cycling competitions have different variants. Apart from competing with other riders over the race distance, a concept of competing against time has become more exciting for the riders. Road races with time trailing assess the rider’s endurance levels against the time with standard predetermined distances such as 10, 20, 25, 50 and 100 km should be covered in 12 or 24 hours.

Cycling Distances

The Bicycle race distances keep varying depending upon the championships and categories. Usually the distances range from 5 km to 300 km for a cycling race. The road races held on a single day for men and women categories will be from 20 km to 200 km. Track cycling and closed circuit races are held in laps where cyclists start from a start point and finish after certain set of laps covering the total race distance which is also termed as “Criterium”.