Baseball – Equipment

Here is a list of all the necessary equipment that are used while playing baseball

Batting Helmet

Helmet is worn by a batter to protect his/her head and the ear facing the pitcher from the ball. While some helmets have ear protectors only on one side as only the ear facing the pitcher should be protected, helmets with ear protectors on both sides are more common as some batters are left handed and some right handed.

Baseball cap

All players wear a hat to shade their eyes from the sun. Baseball hat design has become so popular with the general public that they are also used to make a style statement.

Catcher’s helmet

Catchers wear a helmet with face mask similar to a hockey goalkeeper mask to protect both their head and face. Sometimes they might wear a separate helmet and a facemask.


All players, coaches and managers wear shirts and pants. Each team has a uniform dress of a specific colour and design.

Sliding shorts

Players sometimes wear padded support shorts to protect the player’s thighs when he/she slides into the bases. Some sliding shorts contain a pocket for a cup that serves as a jockstrap.

Baseball Cleats

These are baseball specific shoes made of rubber or metal that players wear for better traction.


Baseball bat is a round, solid wooden or hollow aluminium bat. Wooden bats are traditionally made from ash wood, though sometimes maple and bamboo is also used.

Baseball Cleats


The ball used in baseball is called a baseball. Layers of yarn or string is rolled on a cork sphere and a leather coat is stitched over it to make a baseball.


Players wear leather gloves to protect their palms. A webbed “pocket” between the thumb and first finger helps the fielder to catch the ball easily.

Catcher’s mitt

Catchers wear leather mitts with connected finger pockets that are much wider and better padded than a normal fielder’s glove.

First baseman’s mitt

First basemen wear leather mitts that are longer and wider than a standard fielder’s glove. They are similar to catcher’s mitt as the four fingers are connected; additionally, it is rounded and has more padding than a standard fielder’s glove.

Batting gloves

Batsmen wear gloves on one or both hands for additional grip and to avoid shock when they strike the ball.