Introduction to Male Reproductive System:

Male Reproductive System

Male Reproductive System (Source: Male_anatomy.png & Tsaitgaist/Wikipedia)

Male reproductive system is the system of sex organs of male human beings that are a part of the overall reproductive process of human beings. Reproduction is the capacity of all living organisms to give rise to their babies that are similar to them. In human beings, sexual type of reproduction takes place and for this type of reproduction, male and female reproductive systems are required. Male reproductive system is mainly concerned with the production of semen (whitish viscous fluid emitted from the male reproductive tract that contains sperm and fluids) and transferring it into the female reproductive tract.

Organs of the male reproductive system:

The organs of the male reproductive system are penis and testes. They lie outside the male’s body in the pelvic region.

  • PENIS: Penis is the external sexual organ of male human beings. Its main role is to get access to the female reproductive system during sexual intercourse. In addition to the reproductive role, it also serves as the excretory organ through which urine is expelled out of the body.
  • TESTES: Testes are components of both reproductive and endocrine system. For reproductive system they produce sperm and for an endocrine system, they produce male sex hormones like testosterone.

Functions of the male reproductive system:

As stated above, a male reproductive system is mainly concerned with the production of semen and its transfer to the female reproductive tract. Testes, that are organs of the male reproductive system, also produce male sex hormones that distinguish maleness from femaleness. Reproduction is the process through which life continues to exist. Every individual has a limited lifespan and no one can survive forever. For the survival of life, reproduction is a necessary process because otherwise no new life will be formed and old life will disappear. So both reproductive systems, whether male or female, are important for the survival of life.

Male Reproductive System Outline:

Penis Male copulatory organ having a long shaft and a bulbous tip, transfers the semen into the femal reproductive tract
Testes Components of both reproductive system and endocrine system, produce semen that ocntains sperms
Functions Fertilization of females to produce offspring