Introduction to Female Reproductive System:

Female Reproductive System

Female Reproductive System

The female reproductive system is the system of reproduction in female human beings. The female reproductive system is complex as compared to the male reproductive system. Females have to bear fetus during the fetal period of development within their bodies. Modifications and adaptations to bear the fetus make a female reproductive system more complex. The female body also shows certain adaptations to become capable of bearing the fetus for nine months. The main role of the female reproductive system is to produce eggs and allow the process of fertilization and development to take place within their body. The organs of female reproductive system are;

Organs of a female reproductive system:

The female reproductive system consists of internal and external parts.
Internal parts are the functional parts of the female reproductive system. There are two main internal parts; the uterus and the ovaries.

  • UTERUS: Uterus (also known as the womb) is the major reproductive organ of females. It hosts the developing fetus, produces secretions of the female reproductive system and allows the passage of sperms to fallopian tubes where sperms fertilize with eggs.
  • OVARIES: Ovaries are small paired organs located near the pelvic cavity of females. Ovaries produce the female egg cells.

External parts are accessory parts of female reproductive system. They help in the process of fertilization, and parturition etc. They are;


Functions of female reproductive system:

As stated above, female reproductive system is mainly concerned with production of eggs and bearing the fetus throughout the developmental phase. The ovaries produce eggs, which are fertilized by sperms and zygote is formed. The development of zygote to a complete human baby takes place in female reproductive system.

Female Reproductive System Outline:

Internal Parts
Uterus Major female reproductive organ, one end called cervix opens into a vagina and other end is connected to the fallopian tubes, Development of fetus occurs within uterus
Ovaries Two in number, Egg producing female reproductive organ, oval in shape and ovary of each side is located in the ovarian fossa of the corresponding side of the pelvis
External Parts
Vulva External genital organ of females contains the opening of the vagina
Labia Structures of skin and adipose tissue that extends on both sides of the vulva
Clitoris Button like portion near the labia minora erects on sexual arousement
Functions Recieve the sperms from male reproductive system, Bear the developin fetus through the entire period of gestation