Quiz for overall testing


1. Which deficiency in the blood causes inflammation in body parts ?


2. The peripheral nervous system includes


3. One important function of bones is to produce


4. The longest muscle in me body is-


5. Which organ belongs to the Digestive System :


6. First World Cup Athletics Championship was held at


7. Jeev Milkha Singh is associated with which sports?


8. . The endocrine gland regulates hormones that control metabolism and energy – related reactions


9. What is the main component of bones and teeth


10. Axon, cell body , and dendrites are parts of a _____________ cell


11. Which of the following diseases is caused by virus


12. The total number of officials required for a kho-kho match?


13. These two body systems work together to allow a person to move , talk , and run


14. Tiny air sacs at the ends of the bronchi tubes in the lungs


15. Which of the following pairs is incorrect?


16. The bone that prove heart is called the


17. In the technical terms, muscle pull is known as


18. The primary function of this system is to break down food into usable form and to remove waste products


19. The name of valve between left atrium and left ventricle is-


20. Which of the following game was developed from ?The English Rounders? by Abner Daubleday in New York in 1839


21. One of the following is an excellent example of Condyloid joint


22. The _____________ system removes waste products from the body


23. Trachoma is a disease of the


24. Tibia is a bone found in the


25. Trypsin helps in the digestion of-