Quiz for overall testing


1. The _____________ makes urea and breaks down old red blood cells.


2. ‘Synthetic track’ in athletics was used for the first time in


3. The human body system that includes these glands , thyroid, adrenals , and pancreas


4. Who was the first athlete to be awarded Padmashree Award?


5. Enzymes help in


6. Which is the largest organ in the human body


7. The function of hemoglobin is


8. In the technical terms, muscle pull is known as


9. Malaria is a disease which effects the


10. Which one of the following is not considered as an organization


11. Skin , ears, and kidneys are examples of


12. Lack of what causes diabetes.


13. which protein filament is 50 to 55% in the muscle ?


14. The duration of Russel Launge Volleyball test is??


15. Organization means ?Planning the work? and administration means


16. Water, urea, and other wastes are eliminated in a fluid called


17. Which of the following helps in clotting of blood


18. Which is the largest gland in the human body


19. Which Indian was the first to win world title in badminton?


20. Food is normally digested in the


21. From the viewpoint of Psychology, ?Sympathy? is?


22. The functional efficiency of a muscle depends upon its-


23. The sex cells are made in the male testes and female ovaries of this system which enables human race to continue on


24. The most important factor in the organization of recreations


25. Ricketts is a disease of the