Quiz for overall testing


1. Which of the following conditions is not a cause for the occurrence of plateau in learning


2. ‘Ranga Swami Cup’ is associated with the game of


3. In which year was Hockey introduced in the Olympics?


4. Word ‘Tee off’ is associated with which game?


5. The main constituent of hemoglobin is


6. Food is normally digested in the


7. “Pele” is related to which game?


8. Which of the following diseases is caused by virus


9. Where was the ‘School Games Federation of India’ (SGFI) formed?


10. Which of the following is the highest award in sports in the world?


11. A condition in which bones become weak and break easily is called


12. ‘Olympic Bhavan’ site is being planned at


13. Who was the first athlete to be awarded Padmashree Award?


14. Which is not a Primary Motive


15. Name the first Indian (male) to swim across the English Channel?


16. Sigmund Freud is known to be the Father of the


17. In the technical terms, muscle pull is known as


18. All Life begins with a single


19. Which of the following glands secrete tears


20. The bone ( s ) that protect the lungs are called the


21. ‘Synthetic track’ in athletics was used for the first time in


22. Lungs are situated in the


23. Which Indian was the first to win world title in badminton?


24. The endocrine gland helps control other glands and regulates blood pressure: and water balance


25. Typhoid and cholera are typical examples of