Anatomy Quiz

1. Tibia is a bone found in the


2. The endocrine gland that helps regulate blood glucose levels


3. Short-sightedness can be corrected by using


4. The primary function of this system is to help you fight pathogens ( germs) .


5. The _____________ makes urea and breaks down old red blood cells.


6. Up to the age of Puberty the sex hormones are secreted by


7. The bottom of the heart is called the


8. Which of the following is a two joint muscle


9. which protein filament is 50 to 55% in the muscle ?


10. Pyorrhea is a disease of the


11. The top chambers of the heart are called the


12. The part of the brain responsible for involuntary actions such as breathing and heart beat is the


13. Cardiac muscle tissue can be found in


14. Adrenalin, which is an excitatory Hormone is secreted by


15. The type of joint found in your shoulder is a _____________ joint.


16. In which structure is blood filtered within the kidneys


17. Which of the following helps in clotting of blood


18. Water, urea, and other wastes are eliminated in a fluid called


19. . The endocrine gland regulates hormones that control metabolism and energy – related reactions


20. What is the term which describes the joining together of a sperm and an egg ?


21. Ultra Microscopic viruses are the main cause of-


22. Axon, cell body , and dendrites are parts of a _____________ cell


23. Myopia is a disease connected with


24. The main organ in the respiratory system is the


25. The bone that protects the brain is called the