shin splints
Shin splints

Shin splints are pains that occur along the front of your lower leg or tibia bone.

They are a common occurrence in people who indulge in activities that involve high impact stresses on the feet and legs.

Shin splints affect a range of people, including military personnel, dancers, and runners; they often occur when training routines are changed, and the bones, tendons, and muscle tissues are overworked.

Shin splints account for an estimated 10.7 percent of injuries in male runners and 16.8 percent of injuries in female runners.

Aerobic dancers are among the worst affected and have shin splint rates of up to 22 percent.

Some athletes are tempted to run through the pain, but, in the case of shin splints, this will make the issue worse and potentially damage underlying tissues. If possible, a 2-week rest from the activity that caused the injury is recommended.

shin splints affected
shin splints affected